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Skill Progressions Outline For Players & Coaches

Age Appropriate Skills

The Approximate, desired skill progression for youth baseball players is noted below. Bear in mind that young players will develop physically and mentally at different rates. Regardless of how hard they throw or how fast they run, players should be able to demonstrate proper technique in specific baseball fundamentals. We believe that all coaches and players who aspire to have a successful experience in Grand Island Youth Baseball should have personal as well as team goals to acquire each of these skills, learn them and ultimately utilize them before graduating from Cal Ripken League and moving on to Babe Ruth League. Our purpose in collecting and listing these specific skill progressions is to help players and coaches understand the scope of skills and abilities that are required in Grand Island Youth Baseball. The list for players has been divided by age Classifications. The sections have been divided into levels of coaching education components. You should attempt to use these skill progressions as a guide rather than an absolute standard for development. Sportsmanship, enjoyment, recreation and competition are the major focus of the skill progressions for youth baseball. The following skill progressions are intended to encourage an environment in which youth players can learn the basic skills, master these skills and have fun while developing a life-long interest in the game of baseball.

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